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Michael Stephen Fuchs

About Michael Stephen Fuchs

[official stuffy author bio below, if you like that kind of thing]
Hey! Thanks for stumbling into my little HQ for spec-ops badassery. I'm a jobbing author of military fiction who has been writing for 28 years, and been stupidly lucky enough to make a living at it for 13. (Touch wood.) I'm a health nut and exercise junkie who enjoys running in wide circles with no one chasing me, and picking up heavy objects for no apparent purpose – not to mention trekking hundreds of miles in the Alps or Himalayas with all my shit on my back. I read a lot.

When I was getting within sight of finishing the ARISEN series – having by some damned miracle created a hit that readers loved – I slightly blew up my life, fled to southern Spain (with a woman half my age, like a ridiculous middle-aged cliche), and fought the toughest battle of my life against regret, remorse, and despair, all while trying to write the hardest two books of my life (ARISEN Books Eleven and Twelve, Deathmatch and Carnage, if you were wondering; in retrospect, I don't think the titles were accidental). I spent a lot of time mainly crying and drinking (at least I could feel good about propping up the Diet Coke and Jack Daniels trade in Andalucia), before finally coming through that “Dark Night of the Soul” phase of the ole Artist’s Journey. (Actually finishing the series was even freaking harder – by a lot – and required me basically putting myself in isolation for a year, to generate the focus I needed to do work of that quality and insane complexity. But I did that, too! Yippee! You can hear more about this stuff in the private podcasts I do for readers in the Survivors group.)

In the end, I somehow triumphed over all the demons, and the decades-long struggle to master storycraft, and came back to write what is, by far, the best book of my life – ARISEN : Operators, Volume I – and, even more gobsmackingly, enjoyed every damned minute of it. So many miracles. Not least you being here to join the party, and hopefully start what readers and fans swear up and down is the reading adventure of a lifetime. Either way – thank you! It's you guys who, seriously, make all the struggle totally worth it. 🙂👊🏼🖤

Michael Stephen Fuchs