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ARISEN Series in Order

Want to know the exact right order to read the ARISEN books in?

Well, that makes you, me, and everyone we know, plus the dead guy on the corner. I get this question a lot. And the official answer is: there's no right answer. Basically, there is no chronological order, because a bunch of them overlap. There are tons of suggestions you can find online – and I even wrote a whole (free) e-book about this – but what I end up telling people is to read them in the publication order. You really can't go wrong, getting all the information, exactly when you need it, and having a complete and total asskicking reading experience. That order is displayed visually below. (And if you want more info on where everything fits in and what it's all about, there's lots of that on the series page!)

cover of Arisen, Book One - Fortress Britain cover of Arisen, Book Two - Mogadishu of the Dead cover of Arisen : Genesis cover of Arisen, Book Three - Three Parts Dead cover of Arisen, Book Four - Maximum Violence cover of Arisen, Book Five - EXODUS cover of Arisen, Book Six - The Horizon Arisen, Book Seven - Death of Empires Arisen, Book Eight - Empire of the Dead Arisen : Nemesis Arisen, Book Nine - Cataclysm Arisen, Book Ten - The Flood Arisen, Book Eleven - Deathmatch Arisen, Book Twelve - Carnage Arisen, Book Thirteen - The Siege Arisen, Book Fourteen - ENDGAME Arisen : Fickisms Arisen : Odyssey Arisen : Last Stand Arisen : Raiders, Volume 1 - The Collapse Arisen : Raiders, Volume 2 - Tribes Arisen : Raiders, Volume 3 - Dead Men Walking Arisen : Raiders, Volume 4 - Duty Arisen : Raiders, Volume 5 - The Last Raid Arisen : Fickisms ][ – This Time It's Personal Arisen : Operators, Volume I - The Fall of the Third Temple